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Chiropractic FAQ

Chiropractic FAQ

When your back, neck, or shoulders hurt, you want relief from the pain. It can be scary visiting a chiropractor when you have never been before and there are a lot of common misunderstandings or misconceptions about the world of chiropractic. You would visit a dentist if you had a toothache, right? So why not visit a chiropractor where you can receive treatment from a specialist who knows best how to provide relief from your pain. For those who have not visited a chiropractor, we want to provide you with common frequently asked questions to give you more information on our practice.

Is Chiropractic Treatment Safe?

Chiropractic is known as being a drug-free and non-invasive treatment for skeletal pains. Some patients will need multiple treatments in order to feel the benefit of chiropractic therapy; others may feel soreness, stiffness, or aching after treatment. Whether you are experiencing lower back pain, neck pain, or issues with your sciatica, a visit to the chiropractor can safely provide relief.

If you struggle with frequent headaches, a neck adjustment may be the answer because it improves the mobility and range of motion in the neck. When consulting with a chiropractor, be as specific as possible about what symptoms you are feeling in order for the doctor to provide you with the best treatment options. When working with an experienced and well-trained chiropractor from Divine Spine, chiropractic treatment is safe.

Does Chiropractic Treatment Need a Referral?

Most practices do not require a referral from an MD. However, it does depend on your specific health plan and its requirements. Contact your insurance plan directly to determine what is needed. Generally, patients are able to call a doctor of chiropractic and schedule an appointment.

Is Chiropractic Treatments Safe for Children?

Yes it is! Each treatment is tailored for every patient. When children visit a chiropractor, the treatments are gentle and safe. For children who are especially active in sports or hobbies, injuries from falls or daily activities can benefit from chiropractic treatment.

Do Chiropractors Work in Hospitals?


Yes, they do. Chiropractors are able to see and treat patients in hospitals as well as have access to their labs and x-ray machines.

How are Chiropractic Adjustments Done?

A doctor of chiropractic will use his or her hands to manipulate the joints of the body, especially the spine. Sometimes special instruments are used to assist the chiropractor in enhancing joint function. A chiropractic adjustment is a controlled procedure and most patients do not feel pain or discomfort. There is often a popping sound during the procedure; this is a gas bubble being released between the joints.

Back pain, neck pain, frequent headaches, sciatica problems can all be resolved through non-invasive chiropractic treatments. Often, medication is that prescribed for these conditions have negative side effects. Improve your health and wellness by giving a chiropractic treatment a try. New doctors can be intimidating, but at Divine Spine, we are here to provide you relief from your pain. You can be confident in our chiropractic care.

Prevent Back Pain

Prevent Back Pain

Core Exercises for Runners That Prevent Back Pain

In a previous blog, we discussed how to prevent back pain for runners. From a good warm up before the run and stretching after the run, to keeping an eye on hip mobility and core strength, preventing back pain will allow you to continue your passion for running. In this blog, we will focus on exercises that can be done to improve core strength. Having a strong core is possibly the best way to prevent back pain. If you have experienced lower back pain or general back pain for a few weeks, it may be time to contact a chiropractor for some chiropractic treatment.

Exercise #1


Using a foam roller perpendicular to your body, lie on the roller and engage your abs so your back doesn’t arch. Place your hands behind your head for support. Gently move up and down on the roller being sure not to go beyond the base of your neck or the bottom of your rib cage. This will help with the spine’s ability to rotate as well as loosen tight muscles.

Exercise #2

Standing against a wall, position your feet shoulder-width apart and keep your legs straight. Put your arms flat against the wall, your hands the same height as your head. Allow your neck muscles to relax so that your shoulder and upper back muscles can do the work. Move your arms overhead as high as you can without putting strain on your neck muscles and slide your arms back down to the starting position. This exercise will strengthen your upper back and shoulder muscles and prevent your shoulders from hunching up around your ears. This will also give you a better respiratory flow and will give you a more powerful arm swing.

Exercise #3

Lay on the floor with a foam roller underneath parallel to your body, or one end at your head and the other at your waist. Bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the ground. Engage your ab muscles to prevent your lower back from arching. Rest your arms at your side and keep them relaxed and your elbows bent and let your arms lay on the floor. Swing your arms out to your side and then above your head, trying to keep your arms as close to the floor as possible. This exercise will help the rounding of your shoulders and improve blood flow to your arms. Runners can often tense up their shoulders and upper back while running, and this exercise will provide relief.

Runners who often experience back pain will benefit from these simple exercises. If you are experiencing consistent back pain, it may be time to contact a chiropractor at Divine Spine. Getting the chiropractic care that you need will allow you to continue running without pain and will also prevent further injuries from occurring. Contact Divine Spine today for the back pain treatment you deserve.

Pain for Runners

Pain for Runners

Preventing Back Pain for Runners

Those who run, tend to run often and are passionate about running. Mile after mile, week after week, this repetitive stress and impact on the body can cause many pains and injuries throughout the body. While running has immense benefits for the heart and the soul, running can also cause lower back pain. For runners who already have back pain, running could make the pain worse or could lead to sciatica, leg pain or weakness. For back and lower back pain treatment, contact Divine Spine for chiropractic treatment. Back pain can be severe and waiting for treatment could make it worse and lead to other body injuries. If you are a runner, learn more about how to prevent back pain and contact Divine Spine if you need a chiropractor.

Watch Your Hips

Back pain from running can be caused by poor running form. A lack of hip mobility can be the culprit of lower back pain. When a runner is not as flexible in this area, it limits mobility while running. When there is limited mobility in the hip, the pelvis can often end up rotating too far forward or too far backward, which causes additional stress on the spine.

Exercise Your Core


Back pain problems for runners can also be caused by weaker core muscles. When you’re running, you may not notice that your core muscles are engaged because the strain is felt in the legs. However, a strong core will aid in a better running form which can help prevent lower back pain. See our blog on Yoga Poses for Stronger Abs, Yoga Poses for Back Strengthening and check back later for exercises that will help improve your core strength.

Preventing Back Pain

If you love running and are passionate about running, you’ll want to follow these tips to help prevent lower back pain, especially if you have had back pain in the past.

  • Doing a thorough warm up before a run is essential in preventing back pain. This will warm up your muscles and prepare them for repetitive impact.
  • Stretch your hamstrings, or the muscles in the back of the thigh. Do this both before and after your run.
  • General muscle strengthening will also help prevent back pain. Cross training, or doing a variety of activities will ensure that all of your muscles get the exercise they need.
  • Wear shoes that are both comfortable and supportive. For advice on the best shoe for your foot, find a local running shoe store.
  • Be mindful of where and on what surface you are running. Try to run on softer surfaces, such as grass, or a rubber track. Running on a harder surface like cement will add to the impact.

If you are experiencing lower back pain or general back pain, contact a chiropractor at Divine Spine for back pain treatment. Getting the treatment you need before it causes other severe injuries is important, so contact us as soon as you begin experiencing pain. Chiropractic treatment shouldn’t be a last resort when it comes to back pain. Contact Divine Spine today and learn how we can give you proper treatment and relief for your lower back pain.